Fire Warden Training and Dragon FireEye Smoke Detectors in Hong Kong

Fire Risk Assessment


For offices and schools; 

Are you concerned your Hong Kong based employees are potentially at risk from fire. Does your occupied building have adequate fire safety procedures and provisions that meet your corporate governance requirements or external H&S requirements ie. OHASA 18001/CIS or Hong Kong fire safety ordinance? 

Let us ensure your workplace is safe in the event of fire and any potential fire risks are identified and controlled. Carrying out a fire risk assessment can help demonstrate that the employer has taken steps to meet your fire safety duties and responsibilities that are specified in Hong Kong ordinance, namely to ensure 'every employer must, so far as reasonably practicable, ensure the safety and health at work of all the employer’s employees'. 

Please see our Hong Kong fire safety guidance page/tab on current Hong Kong ordinance. 

Duration and cost; dependant on number of floors occupied and/or size of building. Maximum daily rate chargeable is $5995 with a 20% discount per extra day.

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